Holiday Servicing

Our facility is located in a very popular area for the summer time and during holidays. Listed below are the dates and services available on holidays and the price changes involved with them. Pricing is always subject to change but all clients will be notified in advance of any changes to normal pricing. Pricing changes goes into effect August 1, 2022

Holiday Pricing

$55 / Boarding

$35 / Additional Dogs (Same Kennel)

Adding Daycare $10 / Day

Evening Pick Up (4-6) $32 / Kennel 

The next holiday will be Labor Day Weekend (F-M)

Why Holiday changes?

Holidays are crazy for everyone, even our facility. We will be extremely booked for boarding while families are away for the holidays which is why daycare has to be shortened (or cancelled on major holidays.) We are only allowed so many fur babies in our facility and want to make sure that your pups receive the best care, even on the holidays! Please bear with us during this crazy time, we need to also be properly staffed while allowing our staff to be with their families during the holidays! Thanks for choosing Puckett's Pups!

Samantha Puckett, Owner of Puckett's Pups LLC